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5 Situations That May Require Orthodontic Treatment

Dental problems come in various forms and each requires particular treatment. Bottom teeth crowding in the front or top teeth having a gap causes speech problems. Other problems include shedding of baby teeth and adult teeth growing out of alignment. In all these circumstances, the best thing to do is to visit a dental clinic. There are various treatments for dental issues. Read on to discover situations where only orthodontic treatment is the solution.

Not confident with your smile

When not confident with your smile, there is a chance to improve it through orthodontic treatment. There is no need to always hide your smile without realizing it. Perhaps you subconsciously developed a habit of trying as much as possible to conceal your grin or smile when speaking to another person or group of people.

There is no need to avoid taking pictures with your mouth closed to avoid your teeth from showing. You too can get pearly straight teeth you have always admired. A professional orthodontist will save you from feeling embarrassed about your smile regardless of the severity of your condition. With a nice smile, your life will change for the better. Orthodontic treatment will save you from the subconscious habit of hiding your smile behind a hand or sleeve when talking to other people.

Having breathing troubles or sleep apnea

Do you sometimes struggle to breathe regardless of whether its day or night? There is a chance of having obstructed airways. This limits smooth airflow through the airway resulting from your palette width. A professional and certified dentist offering orthodontics in Canada will find a solution to your problem. A very narrow jaw limits teeth from having enough room to stabilize for proper alignment. This encourages crowding with subsequent blocking of air passing through.

You can tell that you have obstructed an airway during mouth breathing. When you have to use the moth for breathing to get appropriate oxygen during night or day, this might be a red flag. Others include waking up with a sore dry throat, snoring loudly, waking up gagging or choking. All these are signs of sleep apnea. Fortunately, a visit to an orthodontist will allow getting professional assistance to alleviate the problem of obstructed airways and sleep apnea.

Sore mouth, gums, or teeth often

There is no need to live with regular pain, sensitivity, discomfort, or soreness in the mouth. Visiting an orthodontist is a proactive solution. Any form of pain in the mouth might be resulting from dental arches including their position and condition. Crowded teeth and emerging wisdom teeth are major causes of discomfort. A professional orthodontist will properly align your teeth to allow growth in an appropriate position and for a better smile.

Orthodontic treatment has various remedies to position teeth to prevent going out of line or causing painful gums. Other conditions can cause pain apart from crowding because of a wisdom tooth. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment has remedies for pain regardless of the cause. During your initial visit, the doctor will examine your teeth to assess the source of pain or other problem. This allows recommending an appropriate treatment to make you feel better and with a better smile.

Discomfort eating your favorite foods

Enjoying your favorite food is part of a fulfilling life. Keep in mind that life is too short to spend it feeling discomfort. There are various foods in the world but everyone has their favorite. When having trouble enjoying your favorite food, consider visiting an orthodontist for a solution. Your jaws should fit together properly to enjoy your favorite foods. Poor bite conditions including misaligned jaw and open bites result from the improper fitting of teeth.

Open bites result from skeletal problems and thumbsucking, especially in kids. Pushing the tongue between the bottom and top teeth with front teeth not touching on closing the mouth also leads to open bites. It is tough to chew food when teeth don’t meet. You are likely to chew using only buckteeth when having an open bite. This encourages significant teeth erosion and wear. Orthodontic treatment can alleviate any other problem affecting chewing apart from an open bite. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods forever.

Lacking self-confidence

Kids usually lack self-esteem when growing up. This results from conditions such as having crooked teeth. This causes insecurities making the child get negative feelings about their smile. Fortunately, wearing braces allows children to regain their confidence having peace of mind about their straight teeth. Children with traditional metal braces can change the colors of their elastics on each appointment. This will keep the child always smiling.

Bottom line

Dental problems are many and have various causes. However, there are circumstances where only an orthodontist will alleviate your dental problem. When not confident about your smile, finding trouble enjoying favorite food, or having breathing problems orthodontic treatment will alleviate the problem.

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