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What is the Keto Diet and How Does it Work?

You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about the ketogenic diet over the past year or so. From nutritionists to celebrities to your gym partner or office buddies, people all over are swearing by this trendy diet.

What is a Keto Diet?

Let’s back up a second – what is the keto diet, anyway? The goal of the ketogenic diet (or keto for short) is to switch the body’s main energy source from glucose, which we mostly get from carbohydrates to ketones, which come from burning fat. To achieve this, people following the keto diet eat high fat, low-carb, and moderate protein level meals. Calculating the right amount of these macronutrients (aka macros) is a key part of correctly maintaining this diet.

Who Can Benefit From a Keto Diet?

Many people are reaping the benefits of switching to a keto diet. This diet can help reduce blood sugar levels, possibly reduce blood pressure, improve your overall cholesterol levels, lower triglycerides, and help you lose weight and keep it off. Where most diets have you feeling perpetually hungry, the keto diet keeps you fuller for longer and many folks report a decreased appetite once they go keto.

If you’re looking to lose weight, the keto diet is effective for faster weight loss. Once your body enters ketosis, the body uses fats as its primary energy source, including fat stored in the body.

It’s important to note that the keto diet isn’t right for everyone and while there are benefits to following this diet, ultimately, researchers aren’t sure about its long-term effects. Before making the switch, consult with your doctor to determine if going keto is the right choice for you.

Why Their Keto is Better

There’s a whole lot to look forward to with their keto plans. Each dish in their keto meal plan is made of entirely fresh ingredients which are sustainably sourced and chef-crafted into delicious tasting, flavorful meals.

Unlike most keto meal plans and recipes, we’re all about using healthy fats like olive oil and avocado instead of bacon, cheese, and heavy cream. By using high-quality, sustainably -sourced ingredients rich in healthy fats instead of fatty, salty, processed foods, their keto meal plan offers a more mindful approach to this popular diet.

The best part? Each meal is the result of a collaboration between their chefs and professional dietitians. Get all the flavor while effortlessly meeting your daily macro requirements in a healthy way.

A Responsible Keto Diet

Because most of your daily calories come from what when you’re on the keto diet, it is absolutely essential to make sure you’re eating high-quality fats. While slathering butter or adding cream, bacon, and cheese to everything may sound delicious, it isn’t sustainable in terms of long-term health. Instead, you’ll want to get your fats from healthy sources like nuts, avocado, olive oil, and chia seeds.

If you want to go keto but don’t have time to whip up healthy keto meals, let them help! Their meal plan exclusively features high-quality healthy fats, grass-fed beef, and sustainably-sourced seafood, flavors inspired by your favorite international cuisines, and require no cooking or meal prep on your part. Just heat and eat.

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