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Sonon 300L by Healcerion: Cost-Effective, Efficient, Portable Ultrasound

Many patients suffer from pain in various body parts like legs, back, and more. Even after complex CT and MRI scans, it is still difficult to identify the cause of the pain. Doctors and therapists deal with hundreds of patients every day. It is difficult for them to pay attention to the individual patient’s case history in-depth. There is a lack of time and resources to identify the cause of the problem of patients. This results in patients spending extra money on treating themselves. The solution to this problem is an ultrasound machine. Healcerion’s handheld ultrasound SONON enables therapists and doctors to quickly diagnose ailments. It reduces the time and effort of patients as well as of doctors.

About Healcerion

Healcerion is a company that manufactures and sells wireless hand-held ultrasound devices. Its vision is to improve the standards of patient care. Their core principles include innovation, trust, humanism, and partnership. They deal in the innovative mobile ultrasound that can be used anytime and anywhere.

Sonon Portable MachineIntroduction to Sonon 300L by Healcerion

The traditional ultrasounds are expensive and are not portable as well. Due to the limited systematic education and resources, traditional ultrasounds are difficult to use for primary care practitioners. The alternative to traditional ultrasound is Sonon’s wireless handheld ultrasound.

This ultrasound machine is a compact, user-friendly, light-weight, portable, easy to use, high quality, and cost-effective device. It can be used in small medical offices as well as in large clinics. Sonon ultrasound machine can also be connected to mobile devices using wi-fi. Sonon ultrasound machine is used in the diagnosis and prevention of many symptoms and diseases including stroke, myocardial infarction, carotid artery examination, and more.

It helps to display the position of the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels at the time of injections. In a nutshell, Sonon handheld ultrasound fulfills the need for short treatment times, optimizing the patient-doctor experience, and high-quality patient care.

Features of Sonon 300L Ultrasound

  • Special Design for Primary Care Needs

Traditional ultrasounds have an average cost of $1,000,000. It is, therefore, not affordable for primary care practitioners. They are bulky, take more space, and have a steep learning curve. Sonon’s ultrasound machine is best suitable for primary care practitioners. It costs much less than traditional ultrasounds. It has a weight of less than 10 ounces that makes it ideal for mobile scanning applications.

Its size is 3*9*1.5 inches and can fit inside a pocket or in the palm of your hand. Hence, it can be carried by a practitioner when going for a home visit as well. Sonon ultrasound machine comes with video training guides which enable users to set up the system within 15 minutes and master the system within a week.

  • High-Quality Imaging

Sonon has adapted high-quality imaging technology. This high-quality imaging enables a boost of the speed of diagnosis and treatment efficiency. It also enhances the diagnosis accuracy. The images captured by Sonon’s hand-held ultrasound can be viewed on the mobile and desktop. Practitioners can take decisions if secondary or tertiary care is required with the help of these images. It nurtures the trust between patient and practitioners.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Space and weight are always key issues with traditional ultrasounds. Sonon ultrasound machines are wireless devices and can be connected to desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles with the help of wi-fi technology. With the help of the mobile application present, the ultrasound can be easily synchronized with a mobile.

You just have to download the application, follow instructions given on the screen, and start scanning. The high-quality images captured by the device can be directly seen on the connected device. There is no need for any additional equipment for it. Hence, it is a space-efficient alternative as well.

  • PACS/DICOM Compatibility

Traditional medical devices use their own cloud systems for storage and transmission of data and do not offer PACS compatibility. This makes it difficult for the therapists to access and manage patient’s records and files. The Sonon handheld ultrasound device supports the DICOM format.

The DICOM format is compatible with the PACS server. The wireless technology enables the application of Sonon to connect with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and PACS. With it, the practitioners can upload and transmit images directly to the storage.  The uploaded images are merged with the patient’s existing records along with the date. This makes the management of patients’ files and medical history easier. Security is provided by the server to protect the privacy of the user.

  • Easy to Adapt

You can become a pro user of this software and device within a week. The user interface is simple to learn. The system is economically priced. You will get a device, batteries, charger, application software, and video guides. It fits into your pocket or handbag. You can carry it anywhere easily. The working time of Sonon ultrasound machine is up to 3 hours.

The structure of the device is kept as simple as possible with only three buttons on it. Image optimization is done simply with the help of the touch screen of the display device. The practitioners can diagnose patients confidently with the cost-effective and space-efficient Sonon hand-held ultrasound kit.

Here’s an example of the ultrasound quality of the Sonon 300l

Why should practitioners use Sonon 300L ultrasound?

Many of the top doctors, especially from the sports medicine field are using Sonon ultrasound machine to diagnose their patients. They have said that using the Sonon kit, their relationship with the patients have improved. The device gives deeper insights and real-time, high-quality image sharing. The CEP of Healcerion says that he has received positive feedback from many doctors for providing a price-point, convenient to access, and fast-paced wireless ultrasound device.

The Sonon 300L is the first handheld, wireless, app-driver ultrasound approved by FDA. It costs approximately one-tenth of traditional ultrasound. It is compatible with mobile, laptops, tablets, and computers. It weighs only 370 grams, has a 3-hour runtime, a 3G/LTE cellular capability, Wi-Fi connectivity, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The customer support service provided by the company is simple and quick. All these reasons make the Sonon ultrasound machine one of the best devices for practitioners.


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