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4 Over Toilet Aids to Assist the Injured and Elderly

People who get injured in an accident or develop complications due to old age may find it difficult to use the toilet. This can happen for a number of reasons like injuries to or weaknesses in the hips, legs, the spine or pelvic muscles. Patients who are affected find it difficult to sit and stand due to muscle or bone pain and rigidity in the tissues.

While it may be difficult for these people to carry out physical activity anywhere, using the toilet can become a major challenge. Even older adults who are pretty independent otherwise may still require a little help when they go to the bathroom. Seniors can fall down or slip while rushing to, sitting down or standing up from the toilet due to changes in blood pressure.

In this blog, safetyandmobility.com.au will cover 4 over toilet aids that can assist the elderly and injured for support while using the toilet.

Raised Toilet Seats with Armrests

Toilet seats are normally designed to be low. This makes it easier to use them for people of all ages and heights. However, bending down to sit can be problematic for seniors or people suffering from lower abdominal injuries or problems.

One way to fix this is with the help of raised seats. These seats easily fit over the commode and make it easier to sit down and stand up from the toilet. The seats normally come in two varieties, hard plastic or cushions. Cushioned seats can add further comfort to the user.

The raised seats also come with the option of fixing handlebars on the side adding further support for getting up and sitting down.

Commode Chairs

These are specialized, raised chairs that can be put over toilets to make them easier to use for the elderly. The chairs do not need to be fixed over the seat permanently and can be removed so that the toilet can be used by other people as well.

The seats come with a backrest as well as armrests at the side. They come in different heights and widths built for different patients’ needs.

Toilet Tissue Holding Wiping Aid

Patients who find it difficult to reach around for wiping can use a handheld wiping aid. The toilet paper is held in place by a pocket or grip at the one end and there is a handle on the other side. There is a button on the handle that can be used to eject the tissue after use by the press of a button.

The handheld wiper gives patients greater independence and dignity on the toilet seat. It is ideal for people with limited mobility including obese people and promotes personal hygiene when reaching is difficult.

Toilet Aid Handles

Some patients don’t have problems with their toilet seat but require a good balancing support that helps them sit down and stand up from the toilet. They would find the darts toilet aid the perfect solution for their specific need.

This toilet aid has two handles that can be lowered to the sides or lifted back up for transfers. The handles require minimal adjustments and compatible with most toilet seats.

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