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10 Ways Reading Can Improve Your Health, Body, & Mind

When was the last time you read a book or newspaper article? Every day, people get informed by reading Facebook posts or jumping from one tweet to another.

If you are part of this group of people, you know that reading brings many benefits to our body. Benefits you couldn’t even imagine. Do you want to know more? Here you are a list of these benefits:

1. Mental stimulation

Scientific studies have demonstrated that keeping the mind stimulated can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the elderly. One research by the National Academy of Sciences has shown that older people who keep their minds busy, whether through logic games or reading, are less likely to age than the approximately 4 million Americans affected by debilitating neuro diseases.

Robert Friedland – author of the study – argues that people who do not exercise their mind risk losing control of the brain.

2. Stress reduction

Work, personal life and other daily issues affect the increase in the level of stress. It is essential to learn to recognise when anxiety levels are out of control. Stress is deceptive, and you need to stop it before it results in health problems. A good book can transport the mind into other dimensions, distracting us from the many daily thoughts and allowing the body itself to relax.

3. Knowledge

Since we’re in the digital age, know that everything you read fills your head with bits, which may come in handy when you least expect it. Feeding your mind with new data allows you to deal with any situation in life.

4. Expanding vocabulary

It easily matches the previous point. The more you read, the more words you learn, the more synonyms you can use. This will also increase your self-esteem.

5. Improving memory

As we read a novel, we are led to remembering an endless series of data: names of characters, places, situations. All this information forms the plot of the story and, if the mind is trained to read, it will not be difficult to remember them. Mental exercise – as mentioned in the first point of this article – helps to memorize more things, even in the long run, and to have more and faster synaptic connections.

6. Analytical thinking skills

Have you ever been surprised to be able to solve the case of a detective story before the end of the book? Reading helps to make critical and analytical thinking faster. The first is characterized by the mental processes of reflection, analysis, and evaluation.

The second serves to identify the right solutions. By training your mind with a reading, you can achieve great results at school and work, because you can keep the daily situation under control.

7. Improving concentration

In what is the hectic world of work, you often risk losing your concentration and failing to focus on the primary goal. Checking email, chatting with a customer, taking a look at your smartphone and interacting with colleagues are all activities that increase stress by lowering productivity.

When you read a book, your mind is projected exclusively on the plot, isolating the reader from the outside world. Reading before entering the office, perhaps on public transport, helps to get more relaxed in the workplace, improving our productivity.

8. Writing skills

It goes hand in hand with point four: vocabulary expansion. Expanding your vocabulary allows you to write better and more fluently. Learning the use of synonyms and antonyms facilitates the writing style, making it unique, precise and unequivocal. If you need further help, there are many online spelling checker to help you out with this.

9. Tranquillity

In addition to the relaxation that naturally accompanies the reading, it is possible that the book we are reading also leads to inner peace. Reading spiritual texts can lower your blood pressure and cause a sense of calm, while self-help books can soothe small mood disorders.

10. Relax

Literature is varied: there is a literary genre for any literate person on the planet. From classic fiction to poetry, from magazines to biographies, from religious texts to love novels, each book is ready to capture our attention, curiosity and imagination.

All you have to do is turn off your computer, take our new book and go out into the open air, to fill your soul.

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