Submissions are currently NOT being accepted.

To submit an article, please first submit a description of the manuscript to the submissions editor indicating your intention to submit, the general topic of the article, and the type (see below). 

Before submitting, consult the writing guidelines below and format your manuscript to fit the Historia medicinae Template found at the bottom of this page. Examples of previously published articles can be found in the Archives section. In addition, separately attach a cover letter listing the title of the manuscript, author names, degrees earned, current affiliations, and date of submission. This allows for streamlined anonymity during the review process.

Types of articles accepted:

Epistola. (1-3 pages, single-spaced, 5-10 refs.) The Epistolae are brief reports on historically relevant topics. Acceptable topics include short biographies, reports on technological or conceptual advancements, or emergent themes in medical history. Epistola should offer innovative and nuanced perspectives that resonate with our diverse readers.

Opinio. (1-3 pages, single-spaced, 3-10 refs.)  These are opinion articles.  Opinio offer authors latitude to introduce, explain, and defend viewpoints on topics of their choice. As with all HM content these articles must relate to history, however they may encompass broad topics such as history education, careers, and outreach.

Tabellae. (4-12 pages, single-spaced, 10+ refs.) Tabellae are research articles. These works provide in-depth analysis and are academic in nature.

Libri. (1-2 pages)  Book reviews are accepted on recently published works (2005-on) related to the history of medicine. HM expects book reviews to present balanced examinations that, in total, support historical scholarship. Please e-mail regarding potential submissions of this type.

We welcome submissions from any current or recently-matriculated graduate student in history, medicine, public health, bioscience, social science, and law.

Though HM has interdisciplinary aims, the journal principally exists to support historical scholarship. If you are uncertain of the article's relevance to HM, please contact the submissions editor.

Reminder, articles must be submitted using the pre-formatted document (template attachmed below).  Please save the file as the original .doc format.

All images must be the author's own or the author must have documentation of permission by the owner in addition to proper citation. All images must be  high resolution TIFF or JPEG images. Images may be included in the document itself, but must also be attached separately.

References should be cited using Vancouver Style.  In summary, Vancouver Style uses bracketed number citations in text - e.g. (1) - followed by a reference list in the order of appearance of each reference.  Please consult this site for further guidance.

Plagiarism and Professionalism.
Breach of ethical conduct is unacceptable and will not be condoned by the staff of Historia medicinae.  The work of the author must be his/her own and take a new perspective on a given topic. Any borrowing of ideas, phrases, or opinions from other sources should be cited appropriately.  Also, simultaneous submission of articles is considered a serious form of ethical misconduct.  Articles submitted to Historia medicinae should not be under consideration elsewhere.  If there is any doubt, e-mail the submissions editor

Send all submissions to:

Historia Medicinae Editor,
Feb 27, 2014, 8:56 PM