ISSN: 1946-3316


Brenes-Salazar, Jorge. A.

Factors Influencing Rehabilitation of British Soldiers after World War I.

du Feu, Jenny 

A Desire to Control: Contraception throughout the ages.

Evans, Megan

Docimasia Pulmonum Hydrostatica: From Galen to Ploucquet and back again.

Hart, Alexandra

Stanifer, John W.

Morgellons: An old disease or just a borrowed name?

Tassey, Theresa


An Open Letter to (Future) Clinician-Historians: On the relevance of the American Association for the History of Medicine.

Ehrenberger, Kristen Ann

The Greeks May Have the Last Word, Who Has the First?

Martin, Elliott B. Jr.


The Brain as Material and/or Idea? Metaphor and representation in early modern cell doctrine. 

Bell, Jameson

An Early Hope of Psychopharmacology: Bromide treatment in turn-of-the-twentieth-century psychiatry.

Chiang, Howard

The Dead Ringer: Medicine, Poe, and the fear of premature burial.

Dibble, Christopher

The Mosquito of High Crimes: The campaign against Yellow Fever during the American construction of the Panama Canal, 1904-1905

Freeman, Alexandra H.

The Influence of European Medical Texts on Colonial New England Medicine.

Pollock, Rosemary 

Sir Patrick Manson and Sir Ronald Ross' Struggle for the Malaria Breakthrough.

Rowton, Joseph 

Florence Nightingale: Nursing, lifestyle, and her influence on and inter-relationships with women.

Smith-Leadbeater, Rosemary


Forensic Medicine in Western Society: A History

Asen, Daniel

Postmortem: How medical examiners explain suspicious deaths.

Asen, Daniel

Novel Notions: Medical discourse and the mapping of the imagination in eighteenth-century English Fiction.

Bell, Jameson

Different Truths: Ethnomedicine in Early Postcards

Degnan, Andrew J.